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CD print, DVD printer, color disc prints

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Satisfaction Guaranteed DVD-CD duplication and printing

Color printed CDs in custom printed sleeves

DVD duplication printing and packaging, CD duplication printing and packaging
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  DVD-CD-Bluray Duplication ♦ DVD-CD-Bluray Replication ♦  Disc Printing ♦ Custom Disc Packaging  ♦ Duplication Equipment ♦ Disc Printers 

CD duplication, cd printer, disc printing, cd replication, dvd replication
Low-cost Quick-copy DVD & CD duplication, retail-ready DVD & CD replication with custom packaging, DVD replication and disc printing services.  Need lowest-cost disc duplication? Call for our LOWEST PRICE
quote on DVD video copy services, CD audio copy and disc printing. We offer retail-ready disc packaging at affordable prices.  


      Reliable DVD-CD duplication and printing services    CD-DVD duplication and printing services, low price and fast service.      

DVD duplication, video copier, dvd printer, disc printing, dvd replication, dvd replication

Low cost CD copiers, DVD copiers, USB copiersWant to copy your own discs? 

We sell, service and support a full line of professional CD-DVD-Bluray publishers, copiers, printers and robots for mass-producing CDs, DVDs and Bluray discs. Our duplication equipment products are manufactured by MF Digital, Rimage, Microboards, ILY and other reputable manufacturers of audio-video disc duplication equipment. Our specialty is high-volume automatic disc publishing systems that copy and print discs in high-speed production environments.   




We will not be undersold!  Call 1-800-210-0265 for competitive quotes!