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Sermons Anywhere™ Product Video Presentation

Sermons Anywhere™ is a powerful cloud-based platform
that allows all of your congregants to seamlessly enjoy all of
your content anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Much more than a mere Church app, Sermons Anywhere™ is about MONETIZING your content.  If you don't want to make money with your church app, there are hundreds of FREE (?) church apps online that will let you post free sermons, free church calenders and more.  
If, on the other hand, you need a robust church app that provides digital content copy-control and protectionthat distributes content AND gets you PAID for your eBooks, sermons, audio and video content, and also helps you connect better than any other product on the market, then Sermons Anywhere™ is the perfect church app solution for your church.  

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Sermons Anywhere Product Information 

Sermons Anywhere™ is a comprehensive platform for a church or ministry to monetize and securely distribute your digital content.  Compare to:

A. iTunes/Play/Amazon/MS-­‐Store
B. Podcasts/youtube/vimeo
C. Other church apps

The biggest challenge we see content owners make is devaluing their content by offering all of it free on either B or C above. Some clients try A; it involves managing each store separately, and selling content through any of those stores does not include an app, analytics, or connect. Instead, A should be used for obtaining the app, B for marketing content and the church, and C doesn’t offer a way to monetize and becomes irrelevant because SermonsAnywhere™ offers the same feature sets.

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