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CD print, DVD printer, color disc prints


100 CD or DVD w/Color print
In Paper Sleeves: $115  + s/h

CD Duplication and Print

100 CD or DVD copy & print
w/Color print: 
$100  Bulk pack + s/h

100 CD in Jewel Case
Retail-ready: $169 + s/h

100 DVDs in DVD cases
100 DVD in DVD Case
Retail-ready: $149
+ s/h

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CD Replication • Consider us for fast, reliable and "AFFORDABLE" CD duplication services that you can depend on. We offer a wide variety of disc sizes and printing options. Call for competitive quotes! 904-304-5315

CD Replication

CD Duplication Service     

Industrial CD Replication and Printing  

CD Replication Quality

SimplyEZ provides a one-stop solution for high quality CD manufacturing for many types of businesses. Our firm specializes in disc replication and manufacturing for the software, music, and mainstream film industries as well as informational and marketing materials for mid-size businesses and large corporations.
We handle all aspects involved with disc manufacturing, from disc replication and printing to packaging and fulfillment. We provide a range of services at an exceptional level of excellence equal to those of Fortune 500 corporations and top record producers, yet our extraordinary facility allows us provide this service at a much lower cost.

CD Replication Machine

CD Replication Service

The Compact Disc (CD) has been around for over 25 years and is one of the most widely used methods to distribute software, information, promotional material, music, and media. CDs have a storage capacity of 650 Megabytes and are considered to be one of the most versatile forms of media. Despite the relatively simple way in which CDs are manufactured and replicated, great care needs to be taken by manufacturers to ensure consistent quality and complete customer satisfaction.

Our pressed discs have a polycarbonate layer into which tiny depressions called ‘pits’ or ‘data tracks’ are pressed down by a stamping process during manufacturing. These pits contain the data or information that is unique to that product. After the polycarbonate layer is made, it is covered with a thin layer of aluminum for reflection of the laser in the CD player. This layer is then coated with a protective clear coat to protect the disc from oil, dirt, and other particles.
The disc must then pass through rigorous quality control procedures to assure that it meets our exceptional standards. Finally, artwork is printed directly on top of the non-readable side of the disc, and it is prepared for packaging and/or shipment. When you insert the CD into a player, a laser scans the data tracks, and software converts the pattern of the scanned pits into information or music.

We maintain the highest level of quality control throughout each step of the CD & DVD replication and manufacturing process while maintaining fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your CD & DVD replication and manufacturing needs.