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CD Duplication and Print

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100 DVD in DVD Case
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DVD Replication • Low-cost DVD Replication Services. Consider us for fast, reliable DVD replication services that you can depend on. We offer a wide variety of disc sizes and printing options.

DVD Replication


photo-quality cd disc printing

DVD Replication and Printing Services

Retail-ready DVD Replication services you can depend on.
Retail-ready DVD replication services done fast and affordably. With a wide variety of disc sizes and printing options available, we can fulfill almost any production requirement. We specialize in DVD replication services including full size, business card, and miniature DVDs. We offer both DVD duplication and DVD replication depending on your specific needs.

DVD Replicating Quality

DVD manufacturing machine

DVD or Digital Versatile Disc, is the current standard in optical disc storage technology. It can hold video as well as audio and computer data, and has more storage capacity than the CD. Much like the CD revolutionized the music industry, the DVD has done the same for the home video and video rental industry.
In fact, DVD became the most successful consumer electronics product of all time in less than three years of its introduction into the market. DVD delivers stunning video resolution and audio performance, and it is preferred in many industries for its revolutionary capacity, speed, quality, and versatility.

The DVD manufacturing process is very similar to that of the CD. There are, however, two main physical differences between the CD disc and the DVD disc. To begin with, the DVD pits or data tracks are smaller than those of the CD’s (0.44 microns versus 0.83 microns in diameter). Secondly, the data tracks of the DVD are closer together than those of the CD (0.74 microns apart for the DVD versus 1.6 microns apart for the CD).
Consequently, even though the DVD is virtually the same size as the CD, the data spiral of the DVD is over two times as long as the CD allowing more data to be stored. In addition to this, DVD’s that have higher storage capacity, such as the DVD-9, have two clear polycarbonate layers containing data tracks. These clear, plastic layers are coated with a thin reflective layer covering the pits. Aluminum is used behind the inner layers, but a partially reflective and semitransparent coat is used for the outer layers. This enables the DVD player laser to focus through the outer and onto the inner layers.
Each layer is then coated with adhesive, bonded together, and cured under a UV light. For single-sided discs, the label is silk-screened onto the non-readable side. Double-sided (DVD10) discs are printed only near the center hole, where no data is stored.

There are numerous DVD formats offering a range of storage capacities.          

The three most common types are as follows:        

DVD-5: One side, with single layer of recording (4.7GB)
DVD-9: One side, with dual layers of recording (8.5GB)
DVD-10: Both sides, with a single layer of recording (9.4GB)                  

We maintain the highest level of quality control throughout each step of the DVD replication and manufacturing process while maintaining fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your CD & DVD replication and manufacturing needs.