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CD print, DVD printer, color disc prints


100 CD duplication
w/ Black print: $89
w/Color print: $99

100 DVD duplication
w/ Black print: $99
w/ Color print: $109

Satisfaction Guaranteed DVD-CD duplication and printing


Color printed CDs in custom printed sleeves

Payment methods

Pre-printed CDs & DVDs >>>> Pre-printed CDs keep your disc inventory current. Our low prices will keep you happy. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

Pre-printed CDs & DVDs

Color printed CD-Rs, DVD-R, DVD-R DL

 color cd printing, thermal cd printer, digital cd printing Florida   

Direct-to-disc Photo-quality Color Print Service

Pre-printed Blank CD-R / DVD-R discs ready to be copied after your event. 

100 Color printed Blank CD-Rs : $85 

500 Color printed Blank CD-Rs :  $345

1000 Color printed Blank CD-Rs :  $545

Printed CD, printed DVD, pre-printed CDs, preprinted cds

Standard 5 day production 

100 Printed Blank DVD-Rs : $95

500 Printed Blank DVD-Rs :  $375

1000 Printed Blank DVD-Rs :  $585

Pre-printed CDs and DVDs keep your disc inventory current. Our low disc printing prices will keep you happy. We offer four types of media printing: Silk-Screen Printing, Digital Thermal Retransfer, Photo-Quality Inkjet, and Thermal Print. Which one you choose will depend on your budget, how many you need done, how fast you need them done, and if you have color-matching requirements. Need help deciding? Call us.

Pre-printing your CD-Rs & DVD-Rs is a great alternative to purchasing and storing large volumes of pre-packaged software or audio discs. Unlike pre-packaged kits, pre-printing your discs allows you to modify your disc content as versions change and updates become available.

CD duplication, DVD duplication and printing services
 Custom printed sleeves & wallets available
in 2 panel, 4 panel and 6 panels. 
Ready in 10 days