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100 CD or DVD w/Color print
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CD Duplication and Print
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100 DVD in DVD Case
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Sermons Anywhere™ is an App for churches that provides a platform for
monetizing and distributing sermons, music, and series content.
Does that FREE or CHEAP church App you considered really help Grow your church?

Sermons Anywhere Church Apps comparison chart 1
Sermons Anywhere Church Apps comparison chart 2
A quick overview of the App features include:
PLAY sermons & music immediately following service on your mobile device
DOWNLOAD sermons & music in your media player for quick and easy access when offline
ACCESS your sermons & music on all your devices, regardless of platform
RECEIVE push notifications about church activities, alerts, and new content
VIEW the church calendar, Sunday bulletin, ministry curriculums, study guides,
Pastor’s welcome or bio, worship times, and other items
GIVE Tithes and Offerings easily (through link to your online donation portal)
WATCH services via LIVE STEAM (If you have a live stream)
NAVIGATE using a map of the church
SHARE your inspiration through social media
Three examples of how you can monetize and distribute your content:

Sermons Anywhere Church Apps Physical to Digital
Example One: Offer physical to digital (p2d) cards as a value add along with the CDs and DVDs that you sell of single sermons, series, and music.  What is a p2d card?  In addition to the disc purchased the user gets easy, convenient, and immediate access to a digital copy of that content in their App!   This also provides a path for people who aren’t as tech savvy with downloads as they continue to purchase CDs and DVDs, one day they will try the download card.

Sermons Anywhere Church App in Action

Example Two: Sell the content digitally (without a disc) using digital distribution (dd) cards at the same point of sale you sell CDs and DVDs.  Selling a digital-only copy along side CDs and DVDs at the point of sale offers people the option who would rather not have a CD or DVD and doesn’t take away from CD and DVD sales.  People who are already asking for downloads will be satisfied, others will continue to purchase CDs and DVDs.

Example Three: Sell the content directly from as a separate sku from the CDs and DVDs, and the content will simply appear in their app.  We currently integrate Modular Merchant and Micatech, others may require additional integration and fees.
Please contact me for pricing and more detailed information.

Sermons Anywhere Church Apps Juan Martinez pixSermons Anywhere Church Apps
Juan Martinez, President    

Sermons Anywhere Church Apps
Church Apps that make you money
for when you outgrow your FREE Church App.