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CD print, DVD printer, color disc prints


100 CD or DVD w/Color print
In Paper Sleeves: $115  + s/h

CD Duplication and Print

100 CD or DVD copy & print
w/Color print: 
$100  Bulk pack + s/h

100 CD in Jewel Case
Retail-ready: $169 + s/h

100 DVDs in DVD cases
100 DVD in DVD Case
Retail-ready: $149
+ s/h

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Wichita-KS-Kansas CD Duplication DVD Duplication

Need help with a CD Copier In Wichita-KS-Kansas CD duplication DVD duplication printing Wichita KSWichita-KS-Kansas? 

DVD duplication ? CD duplication USB Duplication?

Want to know the difference between CD DVD duplication and CD DVD replication?  Not sure which CD duplicator or DVD duplicator is right for you? If you need help selecting your best option, Simply give us a call.  We provide expert CD copy service, and professional DVD print production. 

                        We guarantee you great service to Wichita-KS-Kansas  at the lowest price.

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